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The Afflicted: A series about demon-possessed vampire hunters in Latin America.

These are not official blurbs, elevator pitches, etc. I’m not very good at that part yet. It is really hard to write these without giving away a lot of spoilers, which is funny considering these books will never be published. So who cares? Still, good practice.

Book 1: Lisette.

Two childhood bouts of leukemia left Lisette with two deep needs: to cure leukemia however much she must sacrifice to do so, and to belong to people who will appreciate her for what she has to offer. Now she’s a young doctor and research assistant working toward a cure.

When she relapses and tries to work herself to death, her boss kidnaps her and tries to turn her into a vampire. Appalled, she escapes and vows to change her life, but the damage is done. Turned into a half-human creature, she struggles to survive in the human world.

All her attempts fail until one day she finds friends: a group of people like herself, people who are members of a world-wide vampire hunting organization that is pleased to accept and train her as one of their own. But when one of the ranking members of the organization offers her the chance to resume her work toward a cure at the expense of betraying her new-found friends she must make a choice. Is her life’s dream worth losing the people who appreciate her the most?

Book 2: Joana

When local children go missing, demon-possessed vampire hunters Joana, Diego, and Miguel suspect that a vampire is behind the disappearances. They find and rescue the children, but the only adult on-site is a young, traumatized man named Bryan who has recently become possessed by an incredibly powerful demon. Joana takes responsibility for training Bryan as she, Diego, and Miguel resume the hunt for the child-stealing vampire. But will they be able to find and defeat the vampire before either Bryan or the vampire gets them all killed?

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